Dedicated Agile Teams

By having to work on numerous projects, our team have gained the experience that will help you solve your development issues. You will have a dedicated team of specialists that will be there for you when you need us

Project Management
Our management will support you throughout the whole process, starting from setup stage and finishing at your deliverables

We Know Your Sh*t
We know how challenging app development can be, therefore we treat each issue very seriously, and try to prevent more issues by drawing inferences from our past mistakes

What can go wrong and how we can fix it?
⦁ Project is delayed, there is a high risk of missing targets,
⦁ The app interface, doesn’t match the design from Adobe XD, Figma,
⦁ Project budget shrunk, due to delays, outsourcing costs,
⦁ Miscommunication between the development team, designers, project management, marketing team or event client
⦁ Lack of developers with specific coding skills required for the project e.g. node.js, aws, react
⦁ Disagreements between devs, different opinions on new interface design, app features, coding practices or framework choice
⦁ Weak/outdated application interface and design
⦁ Immediate requirement to grow the dev team almost overnight
⦁ Senior dev left the team, there is no one to replace him, understand the complexities involved in continuing to run/complete the project
⦁ Scalability issue where you can take or are taking new clients or customers onboard, and you are not prepared to scale